Rope Access Division

Our rope access division offers techniques used for climbing or abseiling. This is typically used to assist our operatives to access difficult-to-reach locations where our scaffold, cradles or other access platforms are unable to reach. As you would expect, we offer various skills coming off the ropes which are detailed below and split into two sectors

Commercial Sector

Rope access works
  • Glazing replacements

  • High level window cleaning

  • Cladding removal/install

  • Painting and blasting

  • Concrete repairs

  • Mastic repairs

  • Construction/high level cleaning

  • High level insulation installation

  • Protective netting

  • Gutter repairs

Industrial Sector:​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Rope Access Works
  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Protective coating

  • Re-pointing

  • High pressure cleaning

  • Confined space works

  • Chimney erection

  • Demolition

  • High level maintenance

  • Emergency call-outs

Brick Chimneys

  • Visual inspections

  • Photographic surveys

  • Video inspection

  • Brickwork repairs

  • Pointing

  • Crack monitoring

  • Demolition

  • Rebuilding

Flare Stacks

  • Inspection of all structural steelwork

  • Gas line inspection

  • Bolt and flange assessment

  • Bolt replacement

  • Guy wire inspection/tensioning

  • Tip replacement

Internal Linings

  • Inspection of all internal linings

  • Steel linings install/repairs

  • Refractory brick repairs

  • Gunite repairs

  • Borosilicate block

  • Flue duct repairs

  • Acid resistant floors

  • Drainage systems

If you can’t identify the issue, we offer an inspection service which can be used for a small fix and/or for producing a detailed report.
Our reports can help towards building a business case for future remedial works and improvements

For more information or to find out why Rigg Tech Ltd is the right choice for you, please contact one of our experienced and friendly members of staff for advice.