Scaffolding Division

Our scaffolding division is something that we are extremely proud of. It was developed through our existing client base, after several requests and referrals. This sector has now developed into an established division providing a huge growth area for the business and support for our clients. Again, as with our two other divisions, health and safety is a major priority. As a company we design and deliver our scaffold solutions in-house, therefore, fulfilling on our contractual obligations.

Example solutions are as follows, but please visit our case study page to see the full extent of our professionalism and capabilities.

Specialist Temporary Works Scaffold

As part of the scaffolding division, we design and deliver temporary works scaffold solutions for our customers across the UK. With the considerable knowledge and practical experience of our staff in rope access, steeplejacking and advanced traditional scaffolding techniques, we are well placed to offer safe, practical and economical solutions to meet your business requirements.
After close assessment the conclusion is often that traditional scaffolding is most suitable for specialist design work.

The image to the left is a specialist temporary works scaffold that we implemented at Tower Mill, Ashton. Please see the case study for more information

Temporary Works Design

We will provide you with a fully comprehensive, full colour, detailed or feasibility design drawing calculations to meet your bespoke specification. As expected, we keep up to date with industry standards so that the designs produced conform to the latest Standards and Regulations.

The design documents produced can be used by our clients to source other quotations but because our clients have every confidence in our capabilities and our rates are proven to be extremley competitive, we retain their business and continue to offer a great service.

Specialist Suspended Scaffold

At first instance, we would typically use rope access to carry out surveys, maintenance and general repairs but if this method isn't viable, we have the expertise to deliver specialist suspended scaffold. Having the expertise to deliver this solution can reduce the cost by about 40%, simply from eliminating the need for full traditional scaffold which is typically built from the floor. In addition, using suspended scaffold will not affect your daily operations as it doesn't obstruct pathways, staff or members of the general public. As part of the service, fall protection is put in place to ensure maximum safety to the team and general public.

The image to the left is a suspended scaffold that we implemented at the Chill Factore, Manchester. Please see the case study for more information.